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1 Online e-modules (cloud-hosted, via the Internet)
1.1 What are the technical requirements for use on my PC, Mac, tablet?

The e-modules are fully available online and are compatible with the following modern browsers:

Windows users:

  • Microsoft Edge 75 and more recent
  • Mozilla Firefox 42 and more recent
  • Google Chrome 53 and more recent


Macintosh users:

  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox 42 and more recent
  • Google Chrome 53 and more recent
1.2 Where can I use my online module?

Anywhere an Internet connection is available.

2 Downloadable e-modules
2.1 Do I need an Internet connection to use the downloadable CommArt modules?

You only need an Internet connection once, to install the module on your computer. After that, using the module does not require any Internet connection.

2.2 Why do I need to install a plug-in?

Your web browser needs the CommArt player plugin to display the exercises and perform all interactive functionalities of the application. You can install this software by downloading and executing this file /software/

2.3 Which are the (minimum) system requirements to use the downloadable CommArt modules?

Minimum Pentium 200 Mhz

Operating system:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Other system specifications
1 Gb memory, minimum 200 MB free disk space, screen resolution of min. 800 x 600, sound card

Internet Explorer

2.4 The CommArt player plugin cannot be installed.

Problems with the installation/update of the CommArt software might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have sufficient admin rights for your computer or network. If you operate in a school or company network, you will have to contact the system administrator or ICT coordinator!
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer’s security settings prevent the execution of ActiveX components. If you don’t want to lower the security level for browsing the Internet, you can add the CommArt website (or other sites containing these interactive contents) to the list of trusted websites. Follow this procedure:
  1. Go to Tools (or Extra) --> Internet Options
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Select the zone Trusted sites and click on the button Custom Level.
  4. Click on Sites
  5. Uncheck “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”
  6. Add the site address (or other sites containing these interactive contents) in the “Add this site to the zone” box
2.5 Can I install a downloadable CommArt module on more than one computer?

For each installation, you need a unique license code. Each code can only be used once. If you purchase several license codes, you can, of course, install the module on different configurations.

This enables CommArt to protect the work of its authors and to generate author rights, which are needed to continue improving the modules or creating new modules.

2.6 There are white zones on my screen.

Set the browser zoom (with which you can increase or decrease either the size of a web page or the size of the text) to 100%. The same goes for the font size of your Windows OS.

2.7 What is an OS (operating system), authoring software, an end-user product?
  • An OS or operating system is loaded into the memory when you start your computer and enables other programs on your computer to work (see further in the FAQ).
  • Authoring software allows you to create (multimedia) learning contents ,which can be published in any digital form and shared with others (via memory stick, disk, or more often the internet). The CommArt modules have been created with the authoring software EMCG developed in-house.
  • An end user product is a finished package containing content to enable learning a language, learning how to read, gaming, etc.
2.8 What do I need to do when I get the error message: "Failed to start web browser"?

When you see this message, you should open the module directly from the program directory and not through the shortcut. Follow these steps:

Open Windows Explorer (Windows button + E):

  • For Intercultural communication for Managerial Staff (Plurilingua series):

    C:Program Files/CommArtPluriNFPlurilinguastart.html
    Remark: PluriNF varies depending on the language combination of your module.
  • For Alltägliche Geschäftskommunikation:

    C:Program Files/CommArtCQpackagestart.html
  • For … (Language) for Beginners (Linguacom series):

    C:Program Files/CommArtLinguaNFdefault.htm
    Remark: LinguaNF varies depending on the language combination of your module.

    If your computer is 64-bit version, it says "Program Files (x86)" instead of "Program Files".

    Clicking the right mouse button on this file, you will see a menu in which you have to choose “Open with” --> “Internet Explorer”. Presumably, another browser is set as the standard browser to open such files. We advise you to use Internet Explorer to open the downloadable modules.
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