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Follow the instructions below STRICTLY to download, install and register your CommArt downloadable module.

These instructions do NOT apply to ONLINE modules! 


: the registration will only succeed if you have a valid license key for the CommArt module that you are downloading. If you do not have a valid license key associated with the module, you will not be able to use the CommArt module.


As there are many Operating Systems (OS) and browsers, it is possible that the following installation procedure is not successful. In that case:

  1. Check which operating system and browser you are using. The downloadable modules and accompanying voices only work with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.
  2. Consult the FAQ.
  3. If the installation is still not (fully) successful, please contact the helpdesk.


The standard installation process is in FIVE stages :

  1. First install the primary and recording software. 
  2. Then install the plug-in. 
  3. Then register a valid license key associated with your CommArt module. Note! A license key is only valid for one installation on a single configuration. 
  4. Afterwards, install the voice if your module is a Linguacom module.  
  5. Finally, install the module itself.

STAGES 1 + 2 +3:

  • Download the CommArt basic and registration software to your PC via the following link: /software/ 

  • Save this file on your hard drive and 'unzip' the file to a folder of your choice. 
  • Run the unzipped file by double clicking on "CommArtInstaller.exe ". The following screen will appear:



  • Now follow these TWO steps. They are stage 2 and 3 of the installation procedure:

Step 1 (stage 2). Click “Install” to install the CommArt basic software ([email protected]™ player)

Step 2 (stage 3). Click “Register” to register the personal and unique license key of your CommArt-module. Fill in your name, email address and personal license code in the relevant fields. Then press "Activate". Note: the Mastercode-field will be automatically filled in and should not be changed.
STAGE 4 + 5:

  • Now download the CommArt module for which you purchased a license (your unique license code does not work for other CommArt modules) by clicking on the name of the module in the list below 
  • Note!
    - A number of modules exceed 100 MB, so the download can take a few minutes
    - For the Linguacom modules, the download happens in two steps: first the voices, then the module itself.

Carefully follow the instructions below to install and register your LinguaCom module and the associated Text-To- Speech (TTS) languages.

  • The [email protected] modules contain audio recordings with natural voices of native speakers. The modules are also equipped with Text-to -Speech: quasi-natural synthetic voices that can pronounce random text fragments of the module that you select with the mouse.
  • Therefore, the appropriate Text-To- Speech (TTS) language (the language files of the target language (language you want to learn) and possibly the source language (your native tongue) of the module that you will use, must now be installed. Please note that these language files are very large (+- 350 MB for one language) and downloading a language can thus take about 10 minutes. Please take this into account. For each language you wish to use, follow these steps:

1.Download the required language file (click below on the desired language)


2.Save this file on your hard drive, and 'unzip' the file to a folder of your choice


3. Run the unzipped file (" xxx.exe ") by opening it. You may need to confirm that you want to open the file. Go through the installation process. Please note that starting the programme may take some time (half a minute), because of its size.

       Available language files (usually different voices (male and female voices) are available for every language) :


Dutch (Flemish) 


Dutch (Netherlands)







Intercultural communication for managers (Plurilingua series)

  Module NL-FR   Module NL-DE   Module NL-EN      
  Module DE-FR   Module DE-PL   Module DE-NL   Module DE-EN  
  Module SK-EN              
  Module FR-DE   Module FR-EN   Module FR-NL      
  Module EN-DE   Module EN-FR   Module EN-NL      
  Module PL-NL   Module PL-DE          
  Module ES-NL   Module ES-EN   Module ES-FR      
  Module CZ-EN              
  Module RO-FR              

Languages for beginners
(LinguaCom series)

  Module NL-RO   Module NL-SK          
  Module TR-FR   Module TR-NL          
  Module FR-TR              
  Module RO-NL              
  Module SK-NL              

Day-to-day (Business) Communication

  AGK - Alltägliche (Geschäfts)kommunikation              
  • Save this file ("", where XX is the indication of the CommArt module) on your hard drive, and "unzip" it to a folder of your choice.
  • Run the unzipped file by double-clicking "XXSetup.exe". Carefully follow the instructions on your screen.
  • This completes the installation and registration of the CommArt module. An icon has been added to your desktop. Start the module by clicking this icon.

With the necessary self-discipline, you will be surprised at the substantial progress you will make. And finally, if you are taking an exam or test, CommArt International wishes you the best of luck!


Problems with the registration of your license?

Firewalls and other security software can interfere with the correct installation of your license.

For other problems, please consult the FAQ. If this does not contain the solution to your problem, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]


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