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EMCG2.0: Create online modules for any subject area


Electronic Multimedia Content Generator2.0© (EMCG2.0©)

a revolutionary  authoring software for any subject area 

Create your own online courses


let us develop them

 Completely tailored to your organisation (business, educational institution…)

- starting from your existing training/educational material -

by experts from CTL – Hasselt University (in cooperation with CommArt Int. n.v.).

No installation problems, all your users log in to our server (secure, protected environment)

 Needless to say, the content remains your property.


 Download the EMCG2.0©-flyer


This extremely user-friendly, multimedia authoring software was developed by CTL-Hasselt University. It provides around twenty standard practice types and allows you to create web-based learning content and publish it for various disciplines/applications (languages, sciences, manuals, safety instructions...) . You can even give your product a personalized look and feel (own logo, colours, background images).

EMCG2.0© is the tool of choice to introduce interactive online learning: automatic correction, the possibility for for extensive, multi-media feedback.  

The platform has an intuitive design so no programming or technical knowledge is required to create learning content (exercises, theory pages, dictionaries). It is accessible online, where content, authors and end users (learners, students) are stored in a database.

The software supports the following:
• Creation and editing of learning content and electronic courses using a WYSIWYG text and picture editor 
• publishing of learning content and electronic courses 
• managing learning content and end-users 

The usual Windows formats are accepted as the format type for the multimedia elements: jpeg, mp3, mp4 ...

EMCG2.0© and the modules created using it, are accessible online via most browsers and can be used on a tablet, PC, Mac and smartphone.

The software is UNICODE (all alphabets can be used).

For more information: [email protected]





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