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* Comunicación Intercultural para Empresarios ES-PL

Interpreting cultural differences correctly, understanding things that are said or written “between the lines”, negotiating a quote, dealing with a complaint, presenting your company, keeping up with the speaking rhythm of your interlocutor ...

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Authors: A. Argu͂eso (HEB-ISTT Brussel, BE), M. Slabicka (Wyszska Szkola Handlowa, Wroclaw, PL), G. Swiatowy (Akademia Ekonomiczna – Wyzsza Szkola Handlowa, Wroclaw, PL), E. Kudela (Akademia Ekonomiczna, Wroclaw, PL)

* Under revision. Temporarily unavailable.

"Comunicación Intercultural para Empresarios ES-PL" is part of the successful Plurilingua© series, coordinated by Prof. M. Verjans (Hasselt University, BE) and nominated as one of the best Leonardo da Vinci products (European Commission). The series was realized on the basis of a detailed needs analysis from managers throughout Europe and in co-operation with around 50 universities and companies from AT, BE, CZ, DE, ES, FR, HU, IR, PL, SK, UK and RO.

The unique result: an ultra-pragmatic and realistic product, with guaranteed regularly updated content on the basis of a representative survey.

This e-module requires prior linguistic knowledge at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

"Comunicación Intercultural para Empresarios ES-PL" is a downloadable e-learning module for PC (Windows, Internet Explorer), certainly also suitable for complete self-study and semi-autonomous learning (in a face-to-face setting or via e-coaching).

"Comunicación Intercultural para Empresarios ES-PL" is a completely comprehensive module which allows you to acquire the necessary communication skills in Polish, which you can use during your entire career: from drawing up and clarifying a simple quote and conditions of sale to holding complex international negotiations for sustainable business relationships.

Within the clear structure of the e-module, you select the topics that are or will be relevant to you: there are more than 500 multimedia, interactive exercises, more than 35 authentic business dialogues and ca. 300 reference pages.

Every exercise provides automatic feedback on errors and links to more information in clear reference pages.

A simple click on the text will give you an explanation of the word, or you can consult the comprehensive built-in dictionary with more than 2000 entries.

Moreover, you will learn to avoid miscommunication by taking into account cultural differences. After all, it is completely possible to master a foreign language perfectly but still be misunderstood. Indeed, as we all know, culture has an enormous influence on the way we communicate.

In short:

Interpreting cultural differences correctly, comprehending the subtleties of a different language, understanding things that are said or written “between the lines”, negotiating a quote, turning a complaint into a win-win, presenting your company, being able to understand the speaking rhythm of your interlocutor, participating in an informal dinner conversation or networking, describing the technical requirements of a product … all these professional and business communication situations are carefully worked through, with you in the lead role.

The used contrastive approach is unique: not only are all statements and explanations given in Spanish, but you will also learn how to avoid the typical and persistent interference errors. These are mistakes that are usually made due to the influence of the learner's mother tongue or English.

In short, this is not a language course in the classic sense; it is not a traditional series of standard written exercises or lessons. It is a unique, challenging and above all effective language learning module!


ISBN: 9077506276
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